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Making some new stuff to add to the shop.

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Paper-Cut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

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There is a word for us.


Hell motherfucking yeah!!!!

Reblogged once, already, but will again.. :D Just ‘cuz

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Finished Fionna and cake hoop!
Done on a 10 inch embroidery hoop, probably my most involved hoop so far. Gah those letters!

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Amusingly creepy creations by Grafton Pottery 

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Strange little creatures by oso polar

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Rebecca Stevenson’s Surrealist Macabre Sculptures

Rebecca Stevenson’s figurative sculptures are both eerie and beautiful. Using primarily polyresin and wax, her concept usually begins with a human or animal figure cast in a subdued monochromatic color that then appears to blossom or decay with varieties of multi-colored surreal compounds. These blossoms almost consume the figures, resulting in provocative, surreal sculptures. Her work embodies the process of creation and destruction, revealing the beauty that emerges from this organic cycle. Some of it reminds me of walking around farm pastures when I was younger, and discovering various animal skulls that the grass had begun to climb through. If her work is disturbing, it is only because it doesn’t try to mask the macabre beauty of the growth/decay process. ”My work is concerned with the visceral and the sensual. It draws upon anatomical drawing and botanical illustration, but occupies a liminal territory between scientific enquiry and the subjective, imaginary body.”


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